What's Airdrops good for?

  • Give tokens to your event attendees Create a list for your event attendees and send them tokens before they arrive to the event. Only accept your custom token at your event.
  • Dynamically add new email subscribers to your airdrop campaign lists. Use Zapier to add a new recipient to a list each time a new subscriber
  • Create loyalty reward program inside your e-commerce store with a custom Hathor token. Use Zapier to dynamically add new customers from your Shopify or WooCommerce store to your airdrop lists. Keep one list per month and release tokens once per month.
  • Grow your token holder community There's no better way to grow a community around your new token then to run an airdrop campaign.
  • Run dynamic token giveaway campaigns Give tokens to your fans in exchange for marketing action (a follow, a retweet, a share, etc). Manage token distribution without having to keep manual list and do manual sending.

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