The old way of interacting with fanbases is changing.

  • Soon, most brands and influencers will have a loyalty or membership token they use to control access to their exclusive products or collections.
  • These tokens will be similar to Bitcoin in every way except they can be sent, received, and exchanged instantly in cyberspace.

Tokens are globally accessible and transferrable.

They will come to represent a brand's real value.

  • With novel blockchain technology, it's now possible for anyone in the world to create and manage such tokens with ease.

Brands will create billions in value by letting die-hard fans decide what tokens are worth... just like they do in the baseball card collection industry.

  • Token creators will create exclusive products and services for fans or customers who hold a defined minimum token balance in their wallet.

Token supply can be limited to create a scarce membership product that can only be accessed by a maximum number of people around the world...

  • This approach gives real-world and organic value to the tokens.
  • It will become a normal marketing practice in all types of commerce.
  • will be there to lead the way for the Hathor Network.