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Manage branded token airdrops and tools to future-proof online merchants.

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Download the Hathor Wallet on your phone or desktop :)

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Fulldrop is for merchants, influencers, gamers, athletes, etc. Basically anyone who runs offers to their client or fan base on a regular basis and already operates a successful B2C brand and e-comm business.

Deploy a token strategy into your marketing

  • Create more scarcity around fan-only offers
  • Gamify your customer loyalty sales funnel
  • Capture maximum brand value
  • Help blockchain adoption on Hathor

What can you do with Fulldrop?

Create custom tokens with Hathor native token
Each 1 HTR can create 100 custom tokens.
Create email lists of people to airdrop custom tokens to
Use our decentralized infrastructure to associate e-mail marketing lists with your HTR address.
Send token airdrops to lists
Auto bulk send tokens to each email and address on your list.
Educate airdrop recipients with email automation flows.
Via our integration with Zapier, it is easy to trigger automated email marketing flows each time one of your airdrop recipients receives their tokens. We strongly believe this aspect is missing in most airdrop tools.

Core System Modules

Token Airdrop Management

"The easiest way to get tokens into your fans' wallets"

Any merchant who wants to get a Hathor custom token into the wallet of their fans can come to Fulldrop for a turnkey experience. In a few clicks, create recipient lists and educational email marketing flows to educate your new token holders. Market your token airdrop the right way and build trust by educating your community.

Exclusive Embeddable Shops

"Exclusive token-holder-only products and offers"

Any merchant using any embeddable shopping cart will be able to leverage Fulldrop to to manage their secret shops. The Hathor Chrome Extension will slowly be integrated to interface seamlessly with the platform.

Easily create educational email campaigns for your new token holders :)

Create marketing automation flows for the recipients of your Hathor custom tokens via our Zapier integration.


... and many others!

1000s of automated experiences are now possible for any merchant with a custom token campaign to manage!

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